Magicians & Magic Shows

Are you looking for unique and jaw dropping entertainment to make your event something they’ll never forget?

Invite a Professional Magician to your party, and watch your guests get the thrill of a lifetime!

Our Magicians can perform for all ages. They are great for birthday parties, corporate events and any other holiday or special occasion.

Depending on the mood, the Magician can theme the magic show for any event or crowd. 

Have you ever seen a dollar bill change into a 100 dollar bill right before your eyes? Playing cards vanish only to turn up in impossible places. Coins vanish and reappear, and other magical tricks right in front of your face? 

Our magicians put on a high energy show for all ages. A true magical performances will amaze and dazzle your crowd with a wild ride of comedy and magic, leaving huge smiles and laughs everywhere. 

Make your party a truly memorable experience by booking directly with some of Sacramento’s most request magical acts:

Charlie Fass

Call (916) 441-8059 or visit to book directly with Charlie.

Jonathan Lopez

Call (916) 257-5999 or visit to book directly with Jon.

Great Scot The Magic Dude

Call (916) 806-2442 or visit to book directly with Scot.