Singing Telegrams

“What’s a Singing Telegram?” you ask. Well, it’s just one of the Most Unforgettable gifts you can give someone! It makes a moment that the party will remember for a lifetime and it only takes 7-10 minutes!

First, You choose one of your favorite characters, and we can customize for an additional charge, to send to one of, or many of, your favorite people. Then you pick a good time and place to catch them wearing their good clothes. (Hahaha, maybe!) You get to write a special sign off for the souvenir scroll with helium balloons that we give to the special person.

There’s always room for dressing them up in a pair of silly glasses and taking some great photos, so you know they had a Really “Good” Time! Heehee From beginning to the end, your special person will feel the Love & Professionalism of our experienced performers who know how to take over a room with our custom comedy routine.

If you need us to help with taking video & pictures that can be arranged. You can add a gorgeous bouquet of their favorite Flowers and/or a gift certificate for a pound of See’s candy, or a favorite treat, for an additional charge as well.

Please call or email us to get a quote! 

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    Lovely LadyBug

    The Lovely LadyBug truly loves her job!

    Bumbles The Bumble Bee

    A song from Bumbles will have your sweetheart abuzz

    Sunny the Sunflower

    Sunny the Sunflower sings “You are my Sunshine” to perfection.

    Gorilla in a Pink TuTu

    The Gorilla in a Pink TuTu is always a big hit.

    Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn is always a heart starter!

    Lady in Red

    This amazing Lady in Red is one hot number!